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Religious Community

Ministerial Association of Cumberland County
Ralph Peterson, (931) 484-7729

Religion has always been a major part of the history and development of Cumberland County. It was in 1803 that Cumberland County saw its very first church erected in Grassy Cove. This founding church still exists today.

One of the early historical writers states that, by the end of the 1800s, there were more churches in the county than there were houses. Although this may be an exaggeration, there has always been an abundance of churches to meet the spiritual needs of those people who make this area their home.

Within the 679 square miles of Cumberland County, you'll find a wide variety of religious opportunities to express your personal style and approach to worship.

Whatever your particular philosophy of church may be, without traveling far in this area, an abundance of denominations and parishes are willing to meet your needs and allow you the liberty to practice your faith.

The church community boasts some 70 churches and over 25 areas of a religious reference ranging in size from 20 to over 400 at regular attendance times. Churches in Cumberland County exist to meet emotional, spiritual, and developmental needs of families and individuals. On a large scale, most churches can be found providing occasions for personal growth through various activities and services, such as educational class offerings, social development and interaction services, and wellness self-help classes just to name a few.

A monthly Ministers Alliance meeting allows local clergy to discuss cooperative ways of serving the people in the community. This local organization unites various congregations to implement a wide scope of humanitarian endeavors.

Whatever your religious preference, there are bountiful opportunities for worship and fellowship in Crossville and Cumberland County.

Member Churches

The following church organizations listed are members of the Crossville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce


Contact: Bob Kastens
Phone: 484-5324

Address: 111 East First Street
              Crossville, Tennessee 38555


Contact: Drew Shelley
Phone: 484-3537

Address: 100 Braun Street
               P.O. Box 752
               Crossville, Tennessee 38555


Contact: Dr. Dennis Daniels
Phone: 456-9953

Address: 2125 Miller Avenue
              Crossville, Tennessee 38555


Contact: Rick Page
Phone: 210-5505

Address: 93 Bob Tollett
              P.O. Box 345
              Crossville, Tennessee 38557






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